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100 % Belgian no-nonsense seafood group with a passion for fish in all shapes and sizes. As a family business with more than 20 years experience, we produce, import and export fish specialties from all over the world whether it be smoked, marinated, fried, dried, fresh or frozen. The group consists of four companies each with their own focus and purpose but all with the same philosophy: quality, innovation and service.


What companies are part of Scylla Seafood Group?

Viswaren Bonnet

Wholesale company located in Ostend specialised in the import and distribution of processed fish specialties for the local market.

De Nieuwpoortse Vistrap

Fish store focused on giving the end consumer the best quality fish directly from Belgian and international auctions by whilst guaranteeing full transparancy.

Visgroothandel NIJF

Wholesale company located in Nieuwpoort specialised in the import and export of quality fresh fish and crustaceans for export and the local market.

Blue Ocean Seafood

Smokehouse established in 1885 recently rebranded as a top notch quality production facility for ready-to-eat marinated, smoked and dried fish specialties.

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